NCB Financial Services, Inc.

Providing Financing for tomorrows environments

NCB Financial Incorporated ("NCB") is a financing entity structured to provide a high level of service and creativity in financing specifically focused in the energy related markets. NCB will provide quotes and fundings for both commercial and municipal transactions including service based business as well as various Performance Contracting, Shared Savings, Synthetic taxable and tax-exempt transactions, “off balance sheet” loans, and conduit issuer lease sublease transactions. The group will be comprised of the following individuals:

Doug Bell

Doug was formerly a Managing Director with a major financial institution and he has been in the leasing and financial industry for 15 years. His responsibilities included origination and transaction structuring for the energy industry, primarily JCI. He assisted Johnson Controls,Inc. ("JCI") in the development of the Retrofit PSA Program, Synthetic tax-exempt conduit issuer lease, and the newest version of Shared Savings. Doug’s responsibilities will be that of group manager, transaction origination and product development.

Julie Belvedere

Julie has been involved in the leasing industry for over 10 years. Her responsibilities included transaction origination and management of contract administration. Julie will operate as an originator and office manager for NCB.

Jeff Malecek

Jeff has been in the leasing and banking industry for over 20 years. Jeff’s primary responsibilities included special fundings including construction loans, transaction rewrites and amendments, credit and servicing. Jeff will be the head of credit and operations for NCB.

Office Number 1-847-426-2497


NCB will provide the following services to JCI

Specialized amortization (savings based)
Sample Contracts for all vertical markets
Contract negotiation (financial issues)
Competitive rates
Specialty document development
Construction fundings
Financial sales training
Customer Calls
Preliminary credit evaluation

Please feel free to contact Doug directly at one of the numbers listed above to speak with him regarding current business or future plans.


  • Capital Lease Agreements
  • Municipal Lease Purchase Agreements
  • Commercial Lease Purchase Agreements
  • "Off Balance Sheet" Loans
  • Service Based Agreements
  • Shared Savings Agreements
  • Tax-Exempt Conduit Issuer Finance
  • Outsourcing & Privitization Finance

129 East Bush DriveSuite100

Elwood IL 60421

Email: dbell@ncbfinancial.com


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